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PA(7) update from Mike Rashid
Clinical studies

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PA(7) is raising the bar on what is possible for your body to achieve completely naturally. PA(7) lets you experience a massive increase in strength, rep range, recovery, and pump, without breaking the law or risking your health. This isn’t a magic pill. You still have to put in the hard work. But PA(7) is proven to get you where you want to be much faster.

The effect that phosphatidic acid has on increasing muscle growth and strength have been proven in two separate and successful clinical human studies published in the JISSN.

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Real talk

PA(7) Performs


Larger improvements in strength


Increased lean muscle gain


Greater body Recompositioning With controlled diet




“As someone who takes training and heavyweight training seriously, I make sure to take PA(7) to help me get to the next level!”


Increased Bench Strength

PA(7) is the only consistent and reliable source of PA to promote muscular development by triggering the mTOR receptor, making it an essential fitness supplement.


Increased leg Strength

In combination with a committed strength training routine, PA(7) holds the power to significantly advance your workouts and benefit your health by tapping into the body’s natural ability to promote healthy muscle.


Why PA(7) Is Special


Phosphatidic Acid is a phospholipid naturally extracted from lecithin.

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An incredibly beneficial amino acid for muscle maintenance, weight loss, and cholesterol levels.

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AstraGin is the ultimate absorption enhancer that ensures you reap all of the benefits from PA(7) with improved bioavailability allowing nutrients to pass from the bloodstream into cells.

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Real results


Jason C
Verified Buyer

PA (7) - I love this product because it really gives me that pump and vascularity during my workouts, and I keep that feeling throughout the rest of the day. Really helps give my workouts and extra “oomph” when I am trying to power through some of my more weight intensive workouts

Big K
Verified Buyer

This is an AMAZING PRODUCT!! My rep range has increased and I set 2 new PRs on the flat bench press. Sky’s the limit with PA(7)!!

Thomas L
Verified Buyer

I’ve been using PA(7) for about 3 weeks now and have fallen in love with it Within the first few days I felt stronger and was putting up more weight

Verified Buyer

This stuff has been amazing for me so far. Over a 3 month period I've experienced both noticeable and visible results in my strength and lean muscle mass.

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How to use

120 Capsules (1 Month Serving)

Take 5 capsules 30 minutes to 1 hour before your daily workout or training session. Usage of PA(7) Should be cycled in a pattern of 6 days ON 1 day OFF.

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